Please help me to choose the best one.

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Re: Please help me to choose the best one.

DJMusic wrote:

First, I certainly empathize with your decision process. I faced a similar decision a little over a year ago, and it's not insignificant. I recommend you look at the image comparison tool here on DP Review.

I take DPR's comparisons with a grain of salt. I do not process photos the same way they do, and with Nikon in particular my conversions are mostly done with NX-D.

I started with the D780 review because I knew it had the comparison tool, then added the D800e, D810 and D850. One thing I noticed immediately was the chromatic aberration on the D850 and D800e seems much more noticeable than on the D780 or D810 -- would not have expected that on the D850.

CA comes from the lens and not from the camera. If you are looking at the files at 100% it will be more noticeable on a higher resolution sensor, and it can be corrected some or entirely using software embedded in the Raw converter.

I have a D780, and in live view, it is a Z6 for all intents and purposes. You have essentially two cameras, and the quality is excellent whichever mode you choose. I shoot almost exclusively in RAW, and the image flexibility is simply outstanding. If you look through the images on the compare tool, the D780 beats them all in noise, though you obviously have a lower resolution sensor

Again, I process differently than DPR, so I don't put very much stock in their comparison tool. For one thing, you can apply more NR to a higher resolution file and end up with similar results. In fact, at moderately high ISO settings I find that after applying more NR and less sharpening to the higher pixel density cameras I end up with greater acuity than from the lower pixel density cameras.

The 810 and 850 can produce some stunning images with the higher resolution, and fringing and noise are easily fixed in post-processing, if you're into that. I would personally avoid the 800e since it's approaching 9 years old. Not that it's bad, but as others have pointed out, service could be an issue. Plus, a LOT has happened in photography in the last 9 years.

I'm still very happy with the results I get from my D800.

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