Large parabolic umbrella

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Re: Large parabolic umbrella

I am assuming that guy used to work with studio packs? so probably 1000 or 2000ws....I don't think you need that much but f11 out of a 7ft para at working distance which with a 7ft para would be at least 9ft.....I work with the 1200 ws flashpoint packs now, I don't like to work at full power because of recycle and flash duration.....they might be able to do it?

another thing: there are all these great powerful battery powered mono heads out there now....awesome.....but IMO not ideal for a need the extra power for a big para which means a lot of weight on the focus rod.....makes the whole thing less stable and harder to focus.....I would definitely recommend a (small, light) head and pack combo.....much more stable and manageable and the pack puts the weight where you need it anyway.....low on the stand.....

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