Tony and Chelsea: R5 vs A1 Review: Portraits, Sports & Wildlife

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Re: Sony eye AF looks rather disappointing.

Ric 360 wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

Youtube video comparing these two hot cameras!!

Chelsea still wants the R5 and Tony prefers the A1. I have the R5 and I have no interest in getting an A1 from the advantages shown. I am sure this out will differ with the users but if you have lots of Canon RF glass many will probably will not switch to the A1.

Overall the A1 was good, but it didn't appear to be a match for the R5 when it comes to eye AF (and some other things) . And for near twice the price that's disappointing, I'd expect it to be better. 30 FPS sounds great, but is something I rank very low in what I consider important features. Eye AF, animal eye AF, and bird AF rank higher (as do some of the other tings they pointed out the R5 does better)

Personally, I'd rather save the near $3000 and get the R5 with more reliable animal focusing.

I agree.  Considering the price difference and better AF performance the R5 is the clear winner here.  I'm having enough trouble culling through 20fps.  With all that said, I can't wait to see what Canon produces with the R1.  If Canon can keep up with (and sometimes surpass) Sony's $6500 camera then what can they do with the same money?

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