EOS M, M50 or M6 mark ii?

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Re: EOS M, M50 or M6 mark ii?

Alpesh26 wrote:


I posted this in the buying advice thread but it might be better placed here

I have a Canon EOS M and looking to upgrade. I’m very much a beginner but I’ve owned this camera since 2014 and it hasn’t been very good for F1 photography mostly due to the burst FPS being only 4.

I have the EF-M 18-55mm lens it came with and EF-M mount adapter with an EF-S 55-250mm lens (non STM, very slow to focus!)

I like M series due to size and I have been considering upgrading to either M50 (the mark ii is not available in the UK) or the M6 mark ii.

I can get around £100 for my EOS M which I don’t think is too bad considering I purchased in 2014 for £240. I’d like to take the opportunity to upgrade and get something for it rather than it being worthless in a couple more years.

Which of the options (M6 mark ii or M50) would you guys/girls recommend or keep the EOS M? I’d like to use it for F1 stills, portrait and I don’t think I’ll be shooting much video or vlogging with it.

I’m open to other brands but would like to reuse my Canon 18-55 and 55-250mm lenses if possible.

If you want to reuse those, and you don't need a viewfinder (as the M has none) the M6mkII is good value for money, however, if you can find a used M200 that's great value for money too, as the AF of the M200 is a bit better compared to the M50mkI.  Probably the M50mkII is just on par with the M200 (same sensor, same processor).

If you don't need the best AF in the world (and frankly, your current lenses and even the 22mm aren't that demanding anyway) a used M100 can be a nice upgrade as well.

If you're planning to get a 32mm or sigma 56mm in the future I would definitely skip the M100. If you love to do environmental portraits with those lenses the M200, M50mkII and M5mkII are better than the M50mkI.  If you just like to do head and shoulders portraits, the M50mkI is fine.

I’m thinking about getting the EF-M 22mm prime lens too.

This will improve your low light AF. The M200 and M50mkII will be a bit better for this compared to the M50mkI, however, the M6mkII will give you the best performance for low light AF.

Thanks in advance!

Last aspect:  handling.  If you like to adjust a lot yourself quickly and love a bunch of buttons and dials, the M6mkII is the best.  The M50 or M50mmkII is doable when you customize it the right way. This is where the M200 might be lacking, which is a pity, as for anything else it's a very capable camera.

The M6mkII has a better ISO auto implementation with a minimum shutter speeds. It also has some C-modes as well.  Dynamic range is the best, resolution too.

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