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Hello Everyone...

With much sadness Jerry-Astro has retired as one of our forum MODS effective today. Jerry had been a loyal participant prior to becoming a MOD a few years ago. He has served us well and has helped make this forum one that is welcoming, engaging, and informative. As a MOD he has never backed down from a difficult discussion and has made my life easier since he joined.

Now it is up to the 2 Bob’s……maybe we can call ourselves the Bobsy-twins! In any case we wish Jerry all the best. BTW he is very healthy so no worries about that.

Bob (and BobT

I came up with a little ditty the other day so here goes:

Jerry-Astro loves Fuji
That we all knew
Sadly he is retiring as a MOD
and making a life anew.

A few years ago,
I sent him an email,
Not to suggest,
He get a new female

A MOD job was a waitin’
a perfect job for Jerry,
He already knew the forum,
So his responsibility wouldn’t be hairy

He has been loyal, engaging
And sometimes been bold,
His comments and warnings,
Have never grown old.

He now wishes more freedom,
To do other tasks,
But for the future it seems,
He will need to wear masks

Both Bobs will be left,
To monitor the Zoo,
Jerry will be missed,
From our moderating crew

We wish him the best,
Whatever he does,
But he’ll return often,
To monitor the Buzz.

Goodbye dear friend,
It’s been a great few years
I’m trying to fight off,
Those voluminous tears,

All on this forum
Wish you the best and good-bye
Just like I said
With nary a dry eye!

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