Please help me to choose the best one.

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Re: Please help me to choose the best one.

personally I would have thought the D780 would be right up your street , its a modest increase in resolution from the 12/16mp cameras you already have , its current , so support is not in danger of being cut as may happen if you bought an older model that is (or about to be ) discontinued.

it carries forward from the excellent D750 and is a mix of tried and proven DSLR tech with some great improvements from its mirrorless cousins. way better live view , and video features for a start ,  I see you are contemplating grey market , so money is a factor , I mention this because I remember when I made the jump from D300 to D800e and the initial wow was tempered a little by the realization that my PC of the day was now so darn slow at processing the large increase in file size. (more cost) not dissing the D800 series. I still have my old (broken) D800E lying around and a D810.

Fact is though, for 99% of my shooting I simply do not need such high resolution . and My Z6 is unbelievable for dynamic range , so 24mp is my go-to sensor size for most things . that said I do have a Z7 too,  I will wise-up one day (just not today).

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