Please help me to choose the best one.

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Relative cost and the best one.

Robert 23 wrote:

I live in Spain and actually, i can find a used D800E for around 900-1000 euros. A brand new D780 (grey market ) around 1600 euros.
I found a used D780 (like new) for 1450 euros.
I can't find a used D850 for less than 2000-2200 euros.
i can spend around 1500 euros.
As for the D810.I don't know really...i checked 500 px and Flickr and in comparison, i like the sharpness and colours from D800E better.

Here in the US the price difference is wider. I have a D800E that I really like. I just bought the D850 when it was on sale for $2500US. I was going to sell the D800E but I am disappointed to see I can only get about $800US for it. I will probably keep it as a back up and rough hiking (beater) camera.

The new D780 sells for around $2300US, as other's have said. Grey market sometimes means no warranty or no Nikon service. Make sure you know what that means in Spain. The D780 price here is nearly 3 times the price of a D800E. For a few dollars more I bought a D850.

The D810 followed the D800E by about 2 years. It appears to have the same 36 MP sensor. I'm not sure about the AA filter. You can read reviews here and on Thom Hogan's Nikon website for reviews and spec's for both the D800E and the D810. That will give you better perspective on what you can do with either camera. People here seem to rave abut the capabilities of the D810.

The downside to the D800E is ongoing support, repairs and parts for a discontinued, 9 year old body. The D780 will be supported farther into the future.

The D850 is back to the full price of $3000US now, but it won't be available for much longer. Most people believe the sale was a way for Nikon to deplete the stock before releasing a new model D880 very soon. That new model will sell for $3300US or more when it's first released.

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