RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

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Re: RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

Digital Nigel wrote:

CameraCarl wrote:

One of the drawbacks with buying cameras from small, local stores is that the store can't afford to buy enough copies of any one camera/lens to guarantee that every stocked body has never been opened or demonstrated to a customer. When I spent almost $10,000 on cameras and lenses at a local store a few years ago, I figured that one or more of the items I bought had been demonstrated to other customers first. But I bought them since they appeared to be in great shape and I trusted the camera store. There really is no way to guarantee that your camera has been untouched by human hands since it left the factory. You might have better odds buying at a huge internet camera store. But there are dozens of threads on DPReview about buyers questioning their gear is untouched from almost every source.

I suppose the problem with such gear isn't that it might have been demonstrated to a few people, but that it was purchased and returned because it was a lemon. For example, if the lens is decentred, it might be returned without comment by a customer who simply wasn't impressed by the image quality, without knowing the actual issue. Or, perhaps one of the controls was stiff/loose.

You are so right. But anyone can return anything to any seller and you have to rely on the honesty of that store not to resell defective merchandise.  I like to support and I have to trust my local store.  I've seen more complaints on these forums about people getting defective stuff from the major internet retailers than getting defects locally.  And I'm guessing that those customers who buy three different versions of a lens to test and return the two they don't like are more likely to shop the internet rather than a local store, so odds are I won't be getting their two "rejects" locally.

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