D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

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Re: PDR is not DR

Nikon 79 wrote:

What is the difference between PDR and DR?

Clipping point. DR uses the noise floor, IIRC. Bill uses a higher point. The is a difference of opinion within the community regarding which is more useful, and which is more objective.

Also. Please watch this video and let me know your opinion.

My opinion is that he uses a lot of innuendo.

My opinion is that somebody who cites "The Angry Photographer" as an expert on Dynamic Range is not too likely to be reliable.

My opinion is that he's talking about "usable dynamic range", which is something where he sets an arbitrary clipping point. In this, he's more like Bill Claff than DxOMark, and therefore less like actual dynamic range. Use a different clipping point and you will get a different result.

ETA: one thing I like about Andy: "Anybody who tells you that changing the ISO changes the sensitivity of your sensor is an a****ole and an idiot!"

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