Impressive features of camera that has somehow changed your photography?

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Re: Impressive features of camera that has somehow changed your photography?


Simplicity & easiness seem to be most popular things so far, one way or another. Be it UI or IBIS or somethong else. I did not realize that CL has no bulb mode. I have looked CL, too, but native lenses are really expensive! Yes, they have af, but comparing eith M mount, my feeling is that there is no extensive advance in lens prices, when entering CL (or T-mount). Then again, I may well be wrong.Tammerkoski. Tampere, Finland. With Oly Pen-F. 720,66- second exposure. Sigh, yes it is noisy image...

It has a T-mode. You press the shutter once, and it opens, you press it again, it closes. Fine. However, after 30sec the shutter closes automatically. I guess due to heating problems. The Q and Ms behave the same only with a larger max exposure. You find good youtube videos by on swiss Leica influencer elaborating on this shortcomings of the Qs and Ms.

Since you can set the exposure time to values up to 30sec anyway and do not need to press the shutter button again, I never understand the purpose of the T-mode in the CL. I do not see the benefit being able to set the exposure time very precise in long time exposures. I usually do several shoots anyway due to my lack of owning  an expensive and precise exposure meter. hence I never use the T mode. It would be only useful for me beyond 30sec exposure.

I kepted my old Nikon D200  from 2005 for  landscape shots of 2-3min. Works fine for me. Why Leica cannot implement a proper b-mode or T-mode that what others can do  in ther APCS cameras (for instance Ricoh GR III) , I do not fully understand.

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