RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

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Re: RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

PhotonTrapper wrote:

I am contemplating buying a Sony RX10 IV. There is only 1 left, in one store, among the 8 stores served in my area. Considering the price of this item, if I pay full price for it, I would prefer to get an instrument that has not been already used too much, since "open box", "refurbished", "used", "wrecked" items ought to have their own price schedule.

I don't want to discuss here the validity of my preference (that's another topic), but I would like to know if there is a way to assess, not with certainty but with some reasonable confidence, the "newness" of the item upon purchase, or just after purchase. A little bit like the difficult-to-tamper-with odometer of a "new" car help to objectively assess the "newness" of that car.

From what I have gathered already (sources are not verified), it seems to be difficult, or maybe impossible to do so, since:

1. Sony does not seal its boxes in any way (Ken Rockwel review; and other post(s)

2. Shutter count is apparently not accessible through SONY or 3rd party software on this model. (then what's the point of counting?)

3. Image numbering can be reset through Factory Reset or the Menu (?... I don't know)

If the above is true, is there anything else left to rely on other than a totally blind trust in the seller?

If you're in the UK there is a 30 day "cool off period" on just about any purchase and if YOU are in the UK shop with confidence at Panamoz My experience with them has been very positive and their three year warranty is what it says.

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