Canon R5 and it's raw files

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Re: Canon R5 and it's raw files

DPP is one of the best RAW converters and it's free. DXO Photolab's standout feature is the Prime noise reduction, but that's extra as it only comes with the Elite edition. More efficient workflow than DPP for sure. But most of the time DPP will do as good of a job. Anything it can't do, a conversion to TIFF and Photoshop takes it from there.

I would not rule out Lightroom either. In fact that's my primary tool and only use DXO for noise reduction of very high ISO images. Colours are a matter of taste and most other tools as just as capable as in DXO. Yeah, I don't like the subscription model either but always up-to-date PS and LR is quite nice and a very powerful combo.

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