HX99 vs HX90 - Image Processing Improvements?

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Re: HX99 vs HX90 - Image Processing Improvements?



I did compare the hx90 and hx99 at iso 800, 1600 and 3200 and I found that the hx99 is much better, sharper and less grainy... so I don't know why some sites I saw said the opposite ? How did they make their tests ?

That encourage me to buy the hx99, I tried to find one of second hand not too exp and I could not find one If someone has some advice reg. that ! Thanksss

In the test of the imaging-resource, the photos of the hx99 was set at Super-fine. (The hx90 doesn't have Super-fine, only Fine and Standard) I think that the Super-fine of the hx99 is a big Plus

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