D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

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Re: DR consider also FW

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I see but at least on this comparison, it seems the D800e does better.
Though i might be wrong

That comparison is a joke. They are ACR conversions of NEF files. The WB and exposures are different and it could be related to ACR conversion.

Take a look at these sample comparisons from DP Review. The comparison tool is much more reflective of reality. It lacks the color cast in the Ming Thein images, and the exposures are similar. I don't think most people would be able to differentiate the cameras unless they magnify the images to 100%. You can pick a favorite at 100% but it would never be visible in normal viewing of any size print.


Testing is always fraught with uncertainties, especially when it isn't done side-by-side. While I'm skeptical about Ming Thein's comparison, when I went to look at DPR's studio scene the first thing that struck me looking at the Raw files was that the exposure times were different by a full stop -- I'm sure it could be different lighting, but then light spectrum is another variable (I remember doing side-by-side tests of my D200 and D300 cameras years ago and whereas the difference was somewhat in favor of the D300 in daylight, it was better than a stop better on the D300 under artificial lighting). Anyway, while I was initially able to get very close on the D800E and D810 using DPR's studio scene, I decided it was a fool's errand to spend time trying to verify something I'm just not going to encounter (I have a D800, rarely use it above ISO 6400, and I am not going to use any other camera when that situation does arise).

D800E native ISO max out at ISO6400 - ISO12800 is expanded ISO and DPR test shot shows that D800E at ISO12800 was exposed with 1stop more compared to D810.

Both of the files purported to be ISO 25600, the D800E being 2 EV over ISO 6400 and the D810 file being 1 EV over ISO 12800. That doesn't matter to me though, what I was concerned about was the difference in exposure times.

And many expanded ISO applies NR even for the RAW files. Beyond ISO6400, the comparison is invalid.

I think what is valid is the end result. As I wrote above, it's not a place I find myself in often, if at all, and when I do find myself trying to eek out photos from such dark conditions on my D800 I have already topped out at ISO 3200 and do what I can with those files. Thus, I'm not going to investigate or debate any behind-the-scene NR being applied at higher ISOs.

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