Sustainable Magnification for Manual Focus?

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Re: Sustainable Magnification for Manual Focus?

Clickalot wrote:

I'm mighty tired of having to first toggle the mag function and then to roll the little wheel for 5x or 10x on my Canon M5 anew for each and every shot ! Aarrgh!
It's killing my enchantment with adapting MF lenses.

I absolutely need the magnification for crisp pix; peaking alone is no surer than just guestimating from my degraded natural eyesight.

Does any mirrorless camera exist that allows one to keep mag mode selected from one exposure to the next, content to deal with cropping later?

There is no way to change this behaviour on Canon.  It always reverts to normal view after the exposure. It frustrates me too. Mapping magnified view to a button helps. I think you can map it to M-Fn on the M5, which is in a convenient position for this.

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