Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

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Re: Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

Rambler358 wrote:

Lensmate wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Lensmate wrote:

Two to three lenses is not an issue for most some,

unless this chap is severely disabled.

That's absolutely not true. You are transferring your desires on to other people. I used to travel with an ICL camera and 3-4 lenses in a camera case but now I use an RX10iv because it's just more enjoyable and convenient. The sacrifice in IQ is minimal.

Certainly its true for a good many peeps...your an older guy in late 70's and find it suits you for your age now. But there are many that are not of that age and tow along several lenses no problem. To each his own. The original poster failed to mention what he is shooting and how old he is...

-Martin P

And it's also not true for a good many peeps. I should've added that I'd be shooting mostly landscape, city, some indoor and street shots. My post was about a one lens solution. You telling me that I need to carry multiple lenses for what I want to do doesn't help - I know what I want to do for this, and what I don't. And I don't want to keep switching lenses, hence the reason for this post. If you can offer help then great, if not then don't - simple as that really. Suggesting that I'm severely disabled (which I'm not) certainly doesn't help anything. What works for you is not necessarily going to work for others - you should keep that in mind.

Cry me a river...why don't you answer a few simple questions when peeps are trying to help your situation, instead of making them guess!

Ironic how you failed to mention previous lenses that would stop peeps suggesting otherwise...

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-Martin P

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