D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

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Re: D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

hypercore360 wrote:

Wish I had something to add to what you have already stated below, but I do not. You've hit it all on the head so to speak.

The only limitation of any photographer is their skill. It always has been and always will be.

ericbowles wrote:

Those charts are correct, but you're splitting hairs and could not see the difference visually. I find there is also a difference in the quality of the noise that favors the newer cameras.

There are a lot of reasons to get a D850 over a D800E. I would not choose a camera based on Noise or Dynamic Range today. All current cameras are so close that the differentiating features are other factors. And the next camera released will almost always be better.

This is somewhat true while also being grossly understated and or partially very wrong. For instance my D5 or D6 along with my 500mm f/4E VR FL can easily capture birds as they take off or land. Which is only one small example of how gear can make all of the difference. The D5 and D6 along with a new FL super-tele prime or zoom can capture difficult action images with high precision and accuracy. While a D810 and Tamron 150-600mm would likely miss almost every shot. So not only are you capturing more than twice the amount of images per second or per burst, but almost all of those frames and extra frames will be in perfect focus. There are many, many other examples of where gear can make all of difference, the difference of getting the shot or not getting it. Of course skill matters and matters more than the gear, but gear can and does also make the difference between getting “the shot” or not getting it.

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