P40 Pro Crop on Main Camera

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Drzewoid wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

I also need to consider the complete package. For example, some of the mid-range Xiaomi phones have nice cameras, but rubbish microphones and poor/no stabilisation in video, which really limits their use as a video tool. The P40 Pro does seem a pretty complete package, with good mics, good stabilisation - even AF on the front facing camera, something a lot of phones don't have.

So open the box and enjoy Huawei is exactly what You search for. I had Xiaomi MI 10 PRO and versality of this camera is not even close to Huawei. This is whole package - all cameras do great job in all lighting conditions and You don't even have to go to night mode when want take quick shot. When You need superb quality just switch to 50 MPIX AI mode and photos are pretty amazing.

Every phone have some cons. For me it's oversharpening in UWA lens and night video quality, but You can use manual camera app - disable stabilisation and then video quality is pretty great.

Well I have opened the box and started using the phone now. Spent the first couple of days getting to grips with not having Google Mobile Services, but I'm motivated to removing myself from Google anyway and the workarounds I've found make it not really an issue.

Generally I've been very happy with the cameras, but this over-sharpening on the ultra-wide really bothers me. I'll post some samples later, but what is the best way to extract the best image quality from the ultra-wide camera? The 'Hi-Res' mode just seems to be for the main 23mm lens - is it possible to get 40MP from the ultra-wide?

I don't see any option in 'Pro' mode either for setting the ultra-wide to 40MP.

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