RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

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Re: RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

PhotonTrapper wrote:

Thanks all for your detailed insights and advice. That helps.

Calling the store again, I had another rep admits that at least one of the 2 units is in fact a "demo", even though it is sold full price (he would not budge on that when I asked him). That made me wonder how many returned items (within the no charge return period, a week I think ) are just reset to factory, carefully repacked and also sold as "new", at full price, or if the client ever expresses some doubt, as "demo", which, according to them, is as good as new and deserves the same price tag anyway.

Incidentally, I am now wondering if the fact that Sony (and maybe other brands/models) does not facilitate easy tracking of usage after the unit exits the factory (which would be very easy, technically, to implement), for this model at least, is simply because its authorized sellers would have too much trouble getting rid of those demos and other quickly returned units with embarrassing odometers readings, that are best resold as "new". In another words, the generous 1-week return policy (no charge, no question asked) comes with its counterpart: a camera sold as "new" might not be so literally "new".

That's entirely true. It pays to stick with dealers that have a good reputation and you trust. I would love to see Sony, and others, seal their boxes. It most likely won't happen. Too much pressure from the dealers.

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