Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

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Re: Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

Rambler358 wrote:

Looking for a good travel lens for my A77, something that won't break the bank. First priority is IQ, second is range. I already have the 16-50 SSM "kit lens" that I find pretty good, but is there something better - what would you choose?

In the given constraints I'd rate the 16-80 Zeiss in first place for IQ, then in second w/o a clear winner the 16-105 and the 18-135. Here it depends if you prefer wider or longer. I've owned the 16-105 and I sold it only because I went FF. More recently I added again E-Mount APS-C to my gear with the E-Mount 18-135. Not sure if it has exactly the same optical formula as the A-Mount version. While I like this lens very much (IQ, range) I sometimes wish it was wider but shooting RAW it's possible to get a bit more than 18mm.

Now for travelling purposes which means great flexibility and good IQ I think you might fare better with compact solutions like the RX100 or RX10 product lines than with a super zoom (16-300 or similar) on an APS-C body. But that's my POV.

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