D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

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DR consider also FW

you are right that compromises were made concerning DR. The point is that more low ISO DR is not enough of an advantage to go all in on this. DR is only part of the full story.

If you think on how uniform you can image a well exposed  area of uniform color, the full well (FW) capacity determines how low SNR due to photon noise can go. Thin of  residual noise (graininess) in a patch of blue sky for example. Now FW has gone up fromD800 to D810 to D850 , in the case of the D850 you have to weight the achievement considering the smaller pixels.

All in all the IQ achievable has gone up from D800 (to D800E) to D810 to D850. However, this progress, while obvious in measurements, remains subtle in practice.  They are all great cameras, you can spare quite some money if a all the attributes of a D800 satisfy your needs.

I own a D800 and  love it for portraits and landscapes etc and use it quite a bit. I also have a D850, and use it for the same things. Its DX crop at 20 Mpix sometimes serves as a digital zoom,especially in animal shots. Then the D850 is vastly superior for MTF measurements.

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