D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

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Re: D800E better overall DR than both D850 and D810??

Nikon 79 wrote:

Though from iso around 80 up to iso 400 the 2012 sensor has significant better DR than the D850s' super sensor.

I wouldn't characterize a third of a stop as ""significant." To put it in perspective, you can compensate for it by opening up your aperture a third of a stop, and a third of a stop does not significantly alter DOF.

From this point on the two sensors go neck to neck up to 6400 iso.
All this is weird to me considering that we are comparing the best DSLR ever made to a 2012 obsolete camera.

My D800 works fine with every modern F-mount lens made. I can still get it repaired if it breaks. How is it "obsolete?"

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