RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

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Re: RX10 IV "Not an Open Box" - Is there a way to evaluate that?

a few precautions, comments

1. IF new, open box, (if the receipt does not say refurb or used) the receipt establishes the initial date of sale, and that begins the full Sony 1 year warranty. ALL you ever need is a copy of an original sales receipt to show Sony.

Thus, a camera could be sold an endless amount of times, they don't even ask, they just need a copy of that original sales date.

Also, (haven't checked, they used to) within a period of time, Sony gives original buyer of new or open box the option to buy their extended warranty.

2. None of my 5 Sony RX boxes were sealed.

3. Look at manual on-line before you go, or it's booklet in the box, "what's included", verify all is there, strap adapters ....

4. Other papers with offers, warranty registration card .... present?

5. Reset. If it has been messed with, by sales person, or potential customer, settings may have been changed. Go into menu, do a full reset.

5. Test Shots in the Store. (take your own memory card).

a. If you bring a tablet or laptop with you, inside the store or in your car, you can evaluate them on-site, buy or fly.

b. near, medium, far shots in the store. Auto Mode should be good enough for flat stationary subjects with detail to observe. Again, viewing on tablet/laptop you will see more detail.

c. spots on sensor. Aperture Mode. f8, find a bland light colored wall, take photo. F11, repeat. check for spots: much easier on a large screen. If check for spots on camera's LCD, view, enlarge, rocker over the entire frame area. Note: buying used, I always have seller take and email me f8,f11 images.

note: these 1" sensor sizes reach full focus depth at f5.6, and diffraction detriments start after f5.6, therefore it is unlikely you will want smaller than f8. However: if clear at f8 but spots at f11, you might pass as whatever that spot is could move, turn sideways, ...

6. return policy? Even if salesman says no, you could ask a/the manager to sign a 30 day return period on the receipt. That has worked for me.

7. your best Credit Card protection?

8. Buy Square Trade Warranty from seller? On-line: check on-line or call square trade, they sell warranties based on $ amounts. I have dealt with them very successfully, and, their warranties are transferrable, so if you sell, any warranty left, may help sale.

Great camera, good luck


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