X-E4: How many have pre-ordered?

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High Expectations

I preordered black X-E4 with XF27 as soon as it was possible.

At the moment, I do not own any "real" camera but for some time I have considered purchasing one made by Fujifilm. I am a former Sigma (Merrill, Quattro, fp) and Ricoh (GR III) shooter, and X-Trans IV equipped Fujifilm cameras seem to offer many great options with good image quality and portability.

The new X-E4 seems to be almost perfect for my needs. It is reasonably priced (for me), small (in particular when paired with the XF27), and it has an articulating touch screen. I rarely use any (electronic or optical) viewfinder but it is nice to have one (even it is not very high quality). I have previously owned a Sigma DP2 Merrill and a Sigma fp so I am a big fan of the simplistic brick-like design. The design of the camera body supports my (peculiar) shooting style since it has only those buttons I really need. I usually take pictures using solely one aperture (f/8) and focus mode (I keep it on manual to enable back-button focusing). The front command dial is convenient to adjust ISO and there is a dedicated dial for shutter speed. That is all I need.

On top of everything, the X-E4 takes technically as good pictures as the more expensive, and slightly larger and heavier, X-Pro 3. The X100V is not for me since I am somewhat paranoid with the risk of getting dust inside my camera. Okay, weather resistance would be a nice feature but I tend to stay indoors in bad weather anyway. Based on the (p)reviews I have read my only concern with the X-E4 are mushy buttons on the rear plate (Menu/OK and Disp/Back). I HATE mushy buttons. Maybe I can live with those buttons.

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