darktable 3.4.0 released

Started Dec 24, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Re: darktable 3.4.1 released

Henry Richardson wrote:

A bug fix release has been made:


Slightly related, for those on Linux/Ubuntu: I've been living on the master branch, compiling every week. Last week, my darktable would freeze/crash if I start doing tasks too quickly. When it freezes, I can't close the window, can't kill darktable, and it even prevented shutting down, had to hold the power button to force a shut-off.

Thinking it was a recent update, I reverted darktable back to 3.4, then reverted intel microcode, then kernel, then nvidia driver, still had the problem. Turned out it was the Intel OpenCL driver. I was greedy, telling darktable to use both the 1050Ti and the onboard Intel 620, but didn't know the Intel OpelCL driver has always been buggy, perhaps I was lucky until recently.

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