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2c: On M100 one could turn the top wheel to cycle through magnified views (1x/5x/10x). On M200 this feature sadly is gone.

Maybe not totally gone. See page 177 - Magnified View - in the English manual.


Thank you Dan. Yes, magnified view is still there. But one has to tap mulitple times on the screen to cycle through the magnifications -same as on the original M. On the M100 that was possible by turning the wheel around the shutter button. I liked that and now it's gone ☹️

yes, I like his feature on my M100! Hm, too bad that is gone on the M200.

Conclusion: Get a used M100 for your macro work. It's cheap as chips.

I do have one, and for macro I use the Sigma AML-1 close up macro lens (46mm) mounted with a step down ring (49mm to 46mm) on the 15mm-45mm.

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