Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

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Re: Travel Lens - If you could only have one?

OpticsEngineer wrote:

On a typical vacation which might last 10 days, on eight days I typically use an 18-135, and on the other two days I use a superzoom like the Tamron 16-300.

The reason not to use the 16-300 everyday of course is the IQ is noticeably poorer, especially at focal lengths over about 50 mm. But somedays a superzoom just fits in better with the day's activities and I'm not after great shots as much a memories with the family. But the other eight days, the lesser IQ would bother me the extent I would not feel like taking some of the pictures.

Depends what he enjoys shooting on a typical vacation. Everyone is different, and restricting shooting during a vacation with one lens is something I would never do, or have ever done! Two to three lenses is not an issue for most, unless this chap is severely disabled.

-Martin P

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