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Muscovy Duck

This past Saturday I got out for about an hour. It was cold and dreary with some occasional light misty rain. It was not freezing cold, but just uncomfortable. I went to a different area and found a Muscovy Duck. There wasn't much else interesting. There were very few people out also. When the misty rain started I decided that was enough, but I enjoyed the opportunity to play around with the cameras a little more.

Photo No. 1 - I go to this spot, because every once in a while there will be some hard-to-find ducks that will mingle in with the common ducks and geese.  That way I can get some good ones up close.

Photo No. 2 - The geese came closer to me, thinking that I had food for them.  The camera bags (that I carry) look like feed bags that some people bring.

Photo No. 3 - I did find a Muscovy Duck that you can see in front.  That was the only unusual bird that I could find.  But it was at least something.

Photo No. 4 - It let me get so close that I could use the Canon 18-135mm lens for it.

Photo No. 5 - Also I took a similar photo of it with the Tamron 150-600mm lens.

Photo No. 6 - To get it to pose like that, I would sometimes whistle so it would look towards me.

Photo No. 7 - With patience, I got some different ones.

Photo No. 8 - It was to the point of starting to rain.

Photo No. 9 - So I got one more that I was happy with.

Photo No. 10 - And my last one is a cropped version of the one above.  You can read about the Muscovy Duck on the internet.  It's a tropical bird that can survive in Oregon weather on the west side of the Cascade Mountains.

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