Should I Upgrade to DSC-RX100 VII?

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Re: Should I Upgrade to DSC-RX100 VII?

I would not upgrade to a RX serie, I had RX100 mk1 and I sold it because I was missing a long zoom. I red all the posts and most peoples complain about serie RX that they don't have enough zoom. I suggest you to buy a Sony HX90 or HX99 (HX80 is good too and cheaper). You will have a opt zoom 30x and a very good quality photo if you photography during the day :). And for inside, just try not to go over 800 iso and you will be ok

Why do you need a RX one ? For image quality ? I have the Lumix zs200 which have a one inche sensor, and a opt zoom 15x which I tought good but still not enough for me, I bought it for when I want to shoot in low light, but I almost never use it, since I almost never shoot in low light. But if you plan to shoot often in low light, it’s an other story...but be sure you won’t miss a 30x zoom.... Unless you have 2 cameras: one HX with 30x zoom, and one RX to shoot in low light... But I don’t like to carry 2 cameras...

(note: for me the Sony makes better and nicer photos than Lumix).

(and I don’t like the Pana-Lumix zs100-200 because they are too big and heavy for me lol, Sony HX80-90-99 are smaller )

I posted many photos tests here :

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