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Hi and I hope you have many more cameras to purchase

To be honest every time someone mentions that he/she wants a bigger sony apsc body I am little bit annoyed. Why? They grew soo much in the past 5 years. A6600 is actually bigger/heavier than the first gen A7 FF. If you want bigger body, go FF, the lenses are actually cheaper than the fuji equivalents.

Basically if you dont want to postprocess, just forget about sony. I love my a6500, but out of camera images are quite poor. Tried A6400 and saw very little difference. I use Capture one, spend 1-3mins per image with great results.

Sorry, that's misleading:,831

The only dimension is thickness. But that is exclusively due to the massively better battery and grip.

If you want to skip that, the A6400 is still very compact while being a powerhouse.

Fuji OOC jpg are not perfect either. Having come from 5N, A6000 to the A6600 the OOC have improved a lot.

  • Sony A7 is 6% (6.9 mm) wider and 41% (27.5 mm) taller than Sony Alpha a6600.
  • Sony A7 is 30% (21.1 mm) thinner than Sony Alpha a6600.
  • Sony A7 [474 g] weights 6% (29 grams) less than Sony Alpha a6600 [503 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).

Sorry, but I said "bigger/heavier",  from your link 2 out of 3 parameters confirm my point. To me apsc is about having a nice small portable kit.

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