Lenses with adapters vs native lenses - sharpness

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Re: Lenses with adapters vs native lenses - sharpness

kypfer wrote:

freedom21 wrote:

... But I'm talking about using the Samsung lenses in auto...

Just a thought … have you tried using the Samsung lenses in manual?

Is it possible that your manual-focus technique is somehow "not quite right" or even that the focus-indication on the camera is out of adjustment?

Possibly a case for setting up a focus-testing rig, to check if the lenses are actually focussing, but not quite where you were expecting them to.

Thanks for replying me...

My manual focus techinique is indeed poor, I'm used to use auto-focus all the time However, I did some tests, and I found that the 85mm from samyang at 1.4 is really soft, If I compare it to f2.0.

By the way, do you know the samyang 35m T1.5 cine lens? I want to buy a manual focus lens, but I want to achieve the best bokeh, but this youtube review made me afraid that this lens isn't right for me...



what do you think?


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