30fps v 60fps

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Re: 30fps v 60fps

prsc wrote:

Stephane SHG wrote:

AdamT wrote:

Maybe you have to read the whole article...

" The Panasonic has other similar features to the E-M1 II including a Pre-burst mode which works like the Olympus Pro Capture. The buffer at 20fps is not great but it clears quickly. However my initial tests suggest that distortion caused by rolling shutter seems to be more severe than the other two cameras."

it's a bit vague and the Pre burst mode isn`t the best (known fact - may have been improved with the numerous FW updates in the past three years though ) probably the cause, as the others have said, it seems about the same in normal shooting as the EM1-II / III etc

Lol, nothing vague here but feel free to believe what you want...:-) The distorsions spotted on the G9 has nothing to do with pre burst mode specifically . It's just there with electronic shutter.

The scan speed must be at least 1/60s to reach the 60fps G9 can do. It could however be slower starting from some high ISO or in single shot mode, but I don't know if it slows down.

Well the fact is it shows more severe distortions when compared to cameras  that can effectively reach 1/60s sensor readout speed. Matthieu didn't talk about some high iso settings,video or preburst mode. It's a article on general electronic shutter implementation on 3 different cameras. As to why that happens I guess only panasonic can answer that.

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