Best lenses to start a kit with XT30

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Re: Best lenses to start a kit with XT30

London57 wrote:

Hi all

i was Looking to buy a new mirrorless camera and having considered Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus and Canon thinking about XT30. Low weight is super important. Primary use will be kid parties, park, travel etc. Ideally want to keep camera + lens < 600 gms. I tried many many lens and camera combinations and almost everything that I liked was around 500g - 550gms.

Seems 35mm f2 lens is rated well. Also looks like 18-55 kit lens was rated well but is quite old now. So was wondering if this lens is still recommended given all of the new competition.

what lenses would you recommend for travel/ kid photography? Don’t need anything too wide or super-zoom. May buy a super-zoom lens if/when we end up going for a safari trip.

The 18-55 f2.8-4 is the perfect starter lens. Small, relatively cheap if it breaks and relatively fast as well. Its good for almost everything really.

I dont understand the preference for primes. Yes, they are fast, but you need 3 different lenses to cover the same focal lenght and then you need to swap out, etc. I personally dont get it

After the 18-55, dependns on subject being shot. You want wide? 10-24. You want tele? likely 55-200.

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