90D - About to give up on Birds in Flight and get a 7D II

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Re: 90D - About to give up on Birds in Flight and get a 7D II

Myer wrote:

My 70D was starting to need repairs.

Last January (2020) I bought a 90D. I used the camera a few times and it was fine.

I have 70-300L and 100-400 L II lenses.

Then Covid came along and being a senior I stayed home and didn't get out for months.

I have a few spots where there are some birds and nobody else is there. So the last month or so I've gone to work on Birds in Flight.

I used the following settings:

The birds are never flying with trees getting in the way so I decided that fast responsiveness for changes in distance from me is more important than locking on.

So I used +2 and then went to +1.

For Accel/Decel I used +1

I try to use single point but I'm getting a little old and not steady enough. So I alternate between single point and 9 point. I find that in 9 point the sensors are too far apart and the camera loses focus when the bird move from one spot to the other.

For first and second image I use Focus priority.

I am just not getting sharp results. Far from it.

Also, I'm finding that images that are a little under exposed show way too much noise.

I'm tempted to get a 7D II and use it mostly for Birds in Flight. Kind of extravagant but you only live once.

People have shot BIF with much less capable cameras than a 90D, so I don't know if the 7DII is really a step up, IMO. BIF are one of the most challenging subjects to get good photos of that are in focus, well framed, well lit, and a lot of other factors that have to come together, some outside of the photographer's control. I have only gotten decent results by shooting in bursts at the highest frame rate possible. Most photos will be bad, but 1 in 20 will be decent. As your skill improves, you may find that 1 in 10 look OK. Most will be misses, in one respect or another. Shooting all day, hundreds of shots, I've been lucky to get a handful of keepers, but I had to keep working at it. As for cropping on the 90D's big sensor, I think your best bet is still to mostly fill the frame with your subject, if possible, which gives more leeway with ISO settings and any motion blur that will inevitably show up.

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