Nikon Z DX lenses

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Re: Nikon Z DX lenses

Z-DX-CX in WA wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

For #2, I would suggest that Nikon's 24-50mm F/4-6.3 full frame lens (which is like an 18-33mm F/2.8-4.2 DX lens). This lens is already available for purchase.

Ummm, I think you got that backwards. Wouldn't the FX 24-50 lens function on the Z50 dx body like a 36-75mm lens?

Ummm, I do not have this backwards.  You misread what I wrote.

I am not talking about putting this 24-50mm lens on a Z50.  I am talking about putting this 24-50mm F/4-6.3 lens on a full frame body.  If you had a Z50 (a DX body), you would need an 18-33mm F/2.8-4.2 lens to produce the same results.

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