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London57 wrote:


Looking to buy a new mirrorless camera and having considered Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus and Canon thinking about Z50. Low weight is super important. Primary use will be kid parties, park, travel etc. Ideally want to keep camera + lens < 600 gms. I tried many many lens and camera combinations and almost everything that I liked was around 500g - 550gms.

However it look like Nikon only has two Z mount DX lenses and nothing on the roadmap. I dont want to buy FX lenses as those are expensive and heavy. Ideally want

1. A 35 or 50mm F/2 prime

2. A zoom that covers 20mm to 50mm range with constant aperture of F/4

Are you guys aware of any Z mount DX lenses that might come out in the next 12 months?

I think there are a few things to recognize.  The first is that F-numbers do not produce consistent results across formats due to different enlargements.

So when you say that you need a 35 or 50mm F/2 prime on DX, this would be like using a 50mm F/2.8 or 75mm F/2.8 on FX.  Similarly, when you say "a zoom that covers 20 to 50mm range with constant aperture of F/4" on DX, this would be like using a 30-75mm F/5.6 on FX.  Is this what you want?

On Nikon's roadmap is a compact & likely cheap 40mm lens, which I'm guessing will be F/2.  That covers #1.

For #2, I would suggest that Nikon's 24-50mm F/4-6.3 full frame lens (which is like an 18-33mm F/2.8-4.2 DX lens).  This lens is already available for purchase.

Both are full-frame lenses that are (or will be) very cheap and small.  So I'd recommend you get those and a Z5.  Might be slightly above your weight requirement, but they actually do (and or will) exist, and check all the other boxes.

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