Benro Polaris smart electric tripod head

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Re: Benro Polaris smart electric tripod head

Pogo65 wrote:

Agreed, but the third axis of the polaris is not a derotator, because it does not rotate around the correct axis for that. A derotator rotates the sensor/camera/entire scope along the optical axis. So in that sense it does not act the same as an Altaz mount with a derotator. I think it will be quite limited in how long you can expose a single sub.

By the way in a gem, I do not consider the dec axis to be tracking. Unless you autoguide the dec axis does not move at all during tracking, that is the whole point. No field rotation there, that is why you need pretty accurate polar alignment, but It is just semantics I guess, I see your point.

It is a de-rotator, with the 2 motors moving the camera to a target the 3 motor would be moving along the optical axis would it not? X-axis for horizontal alignment, y-axis for vertical alignment, z-axis for optical rotation, it's really the same concept, look at field de-rotators for alt-az mounts:

They operate in the same manner as the pictured motor accessory for the Astro version. This is an alt-az mount with a field de-rotator option.

I think you are splitting hairs with the Ra vs Dec axis argument, just for the sake of argument. Both axis are motorized, both are required for target centering, both are used to maintain that centered target achieve and maintain that centered target, both track.

Anyways, the Benro tripod head is an expensive accessory that won't offer better value than even the cheaper tracking mounts like the Star Adventurer or iOptron Sky Guider. For someone who rarely does astrophotography and is looking for a motorized pano head this might offer some value with slightly longer exposure possibilities than a static setup since they'll probably never do longer focal length imaging. For people who are very interested in astrophotography this is a poor value.

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