Lenses with adapters vs native lenses - sharpness

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Re: Lenses with adapters vs native lenses - sharpness

kypfer wrote:

Having grown up with "Brownie" and "Instamatic" cameras I've long since accepted that "sharpness" is over-rated … I don't need to see every hair on the pimple if the face is unattractive!

The depth of field on an 85mm @ f/1.4 (or similar) is so narrow as to be almost un-usable. Most lenses of this calibre need to be stopped down to maximise their potential, however, they are very easy to focus in poor light, both manually and automatically, which does give them some advantage in certain circumstances.

When comparing "native" lenses with other manufacturers' products, ensure that both items are of a similar age and technology. If you're taking an optic from the'70's or '80's, however good it was in it's day, it's unlikely to compare well with a top-of-the-line lens of recent manufacture … technology has moved on!

For me I just love detail. You could always blur your footage in post... What i mean is that, comparing to Samsung Lenses, all manual lenses I used, seem not as sharp.. I'm talking about recent lenses like the Samyang 85mm, the 10mm, the Canon EOS 50mm, F1.8, and others... But I'm talking about using the Samsung lenses in auto...

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