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Re: 30fps v 60fps

AdamT wrote:

The G9 sensor scan speed is not as fast the EM1 mk 2

Your source for this ? , panasonic haven`t released scan speed details and Mirrorless comparisons don`t mention it, the G9 has very powerful processors (Proven with the firmware updates adding more and more and improving ) - back in January 2018 in that article MC said regarding 60Fps shooting and E-Shutter --------

t was only a matter of time before we saw another mirrorless camera claim similar specifications to the two seen above. The Lumix G9 can shoot at 60fps (AF locked on the first frame) or 20fps with AE/AF tracking when using the electronic shutter. Its viewfinder has a high resolution of 3,680k-dots, an impressive 0.83x magnification and a refresh rate that goes up to 120fps.

the G9 solution does offer an advantage over the E-M1 II. Once you get past that initial lag at the beginning of a burst, seeing the last images taken at a frame rate of 20fps does help you track a very fast subject. 20fps is definitely a fast rate (close to the 24fps you see at the movies for example) and almost gives you the impression of a live view. You are not distracted by the constant blackouts that you get with the Olympus at 18fps or when using the G9 at 9fps with or without the electronic shutter. So there is definitely an advantage once you get used to that initial lag and overall I found tracking birds in flight with the G9 easier than expected.

Maybe you have to read the whole article...

" The Panasonic has other similar features to the E-M1 II including a Pre-burst mode which works like the Olympus Pro Capture. The buffer at 20fps is not great but it clears quickly. However my initial tests suggest that distortion caused by rolling shutter seems to be more severe than the other two cameras."

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