Power of LED ringlight for portraits / small group photos?

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Re: Power of LED ringlight for portraits / small group photos?

Teila Day wrote:

photolando wrote:

I'm not a big fan of the ring anyway. When used properly, it does give a unique light quality but I think that fad has kinda come and gone. Just my opinion.

What is the "proper" way to use light irrespective where it's coming from? Fad? That's like saying Fresnel lens use is 'faddish'. Both light lights can be used in a myriad of combinations (any other light and or modifier) so I wouldn't pigeon hole either.

What I meant was using a ring light for how its is designed. Like I said, you can use any light in any way you want but you have to agree a ring is designed that way for a reason. To be used straight and provide a unique light on the subject.

For the record, a lot of ringflash use wasn't so much as photographers wanting a certain look, rather many photographers/businesses wanting a quick, sure-fire, no-fuss, even, lighting solution that got the job done without negatively affecting a time-line, but positively getting enough light on target quickly.

If you say so but Ive never used one.  Even if I needed a surefire, no fuss set up.  Again, if you're using it because you NEED a ring light, fine.  But if the job can use a regular light, I'd rather buy the regular type light and get more use out of it.

A ringlight will give you a certain look.  But if you using it because you need top and bottom lighting for like a headshot, The ole umbrella/softbox on top, fill card/reflector underneath works just as well.

I do see them at some events I cover for easy do it yourself self setups.  THAT I can see.  No fuss, no muss.

Frankly, a ringflash could be very ideal for the situation mixed with ambient, however the photographer would need a powerful pack + ringflash to handle that power, where the camera + flash can be easily placed 20 ft. / 7 meters away from the subjects, yielding a very evenly lit portrait - adding flags/reflectors can shape it up to taste.


But for groups, you're going to need a lot more power and a lot more control. And I don't think that LED ring light will give you either.

Agreed. A ringlight is nice for a single person doing a youtube video where the light is practically in their face - basically giving the same kind of advantages as a more powerful ringflash.


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