Need a bit more range - 1.4x TC or Minolta 500 Reflex?

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Re: Need a bit more range - 1.4x TC or Minolta 500 Reflex?

Your post made me think............. 
So yesterday I went out to give the old lenses a spin..... 
I can't comment on the Minolta 100-400APO since its deceased. I would definitely agree that it doesn't hold against the 70-300G. I fell in love with the little one over again yesterday - and its SSM motion tracking is just spot on..... (I will share a photo or two below).

I took out the Minolta 500f8 Reflex. Its a light, and compact lens, and is very easy to point at your subject. Its very different when you try it after using an SSM lens - its noisy and the torque of the focus motor means you need to hold the lens more tightly than usual. It does have a focus button, which makes it easy, and with focus peaking on the A77ii it makes it easy to get focus. F8 is a challenge - we had a very cloudy and dull day yesterday. It makes for great diffused light, but not so great for fast shutter speeds. I ended up shooting at ISO3200 to get a shutter speed of 1/200 or so!  Images that resulted were clear, but really do lack contrast. The bokeh is different, and I don't mind it that much, but its definitely not a smooth background. The other bit that I forgot was the razor thin DOF.....

I pulled out a Soligor 1.4x TC that I had in the cupboard:

Added to the 500mm Reflex, I lost AF, but since the focus is so easy to move with your one finger, it isn't really a problem. I actually prefer manual focus on the reflex, because the AF Focus hunting is sometimes a problem (it was very dull as I said). I was quite impressed with the image quality from the now 700mm F11 reflex! The pictures were at a par with the native 500 reflex. A pity that it was so dull, because I had grainy images due to ISO3200 when looking at them at 100%.

I also tried the Soligor 1.4x TC on the 70-300G SSM> Result - no AF, and it was not really usable.

At that point it started raining, so my playing came to an end

70-300G with focus tracking......... spot on!

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