$200 phone camera resolves more detail than Canon M-series camera?

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Re: $200 phone camera resolves more detail than Canon M-series camera?

Larry Rexley wrote:

Unfortunately there appears at the moment no way to get 64 MP RAW files from the phone. The low-res 16 MP files I can get don't have enough resolution to do a meaningful comparison.

This is what I am trying to get at. Whether the phone camera is "good enough" for certain situations is just up to your preference. That's fine. But it's also a separate question from whether or not the phone camera or the M6II is "resolving more detail," as your title states. If it's resolving more detail, then why downscale everything, which is only going to ensure maximum similarity?

Can you tell which of the 3 images below is from an LG phone? The other 2 are from a Canon M6 Mk II.

These are very close. If I had to guess, I'd say the second image because the sensor noise looks different from the other two, but it's so close. The reason being that you are choosing scenes that deliberately bias toward where a phone camera does well, i.e., wide angle, depth of field for days, well lit, nothing challenging to a camera at all, and downscaling pretty significantly. Now try a portrait with a shallow depth of field.

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