Nikon 200mm MACRO discontinued

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Re: My ship has come in, Nikon 200mm MACRO

rumple wrote:

Cycletourer wrote:

rumple wrote:

dave gaines wrote:


I can't wait to get this out on a hike with the Nikon R-1 close up flash kit and get some macro images.

In the end, that's why I sold mine. The R1C1 is optimized, in flash power and angle of the flashes to subject, for the 105mm lens' 6" working distance.

The working distance of the 200mm is 19.2". So for best results you may end up hand-holding the SB-200 flash(es) at a distance and angle from the subject to get good results. On the ring mount in the R1C1, the flash is almost straight-on to the subject, so it looks a lot like on-axis flash.

Hi Rumple, could you please expand on this?

Dave gaines explained it well.

I bought the R1C1 but have yet to use it.

I love mine. ....................I hope the above is helpful and not just more gibberish.

Hi Rumple,

Thank you so much for the effort and trouble you've taken to formulate your detailed explanation.

I've yet to get my head around my other flashes (SB600/SB400) adequately as yet so there has been an element of anxiety about the close-up set, hence its unused status of longer than I'd care to admit.

I'd worked on the premise of having a 200mm macro so would need the R1C1 in order to fully utilise it and some of the posts made me question my logic and purchase decision.

I appreciate your posts sensitivity to my lack of knowledge thus far.

Very helpful as I was able to grasp your illustrated point with regards the greater visual depth for off-axis key flash.

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