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Re: R1C1 macro flash with the Nikon 200mm MACRO

dave gaines wrote:

Cycletourer wrote: ...

Is it safe to assume there would be some benefit to have the flashes aimed more at and angle(?) and why?

Do you have the 200 mm f/4 macro lens?

You have to experiment with off camera flash and compare that to having a flash on the hot shoe before you'll understand this. With the flash nearly in line with the lens you get flat lighting, straight on the subject without any shadows to give shape to things. Like shooting in daylight, you want the light at an angle to the subject so you get a definition of shape.

With the macro flash unit, you want the flash units to one side of the subject at an angle of maybe 45 degrees. Not straight on. Rumple is saying that with the 200 mm f/4 macro it focuses in macro from 10 to 12 inches from the front of the lens to the subject. But the flash units are tied to the front of the lens on the ring mount. You have to aim them just about straight forward to light up the subject. I can see how the R1C1 is optimized for the 60 mm or 105 mm macro lenses.

I'll be looking for a plastic or aluminum arm to hold the flash units farther forward (6" ?). Maybe I can eliminate the ring mount and just tie the improvised arms to the HN-30 lens hood. I'll have to experiment with it before I know what works

Yes Dave I do.

I've not used it with any flash yet, let alone my R1C1 which is still in its box unused.

Thank you for your explanation.

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