$200 phone camera resolves more detail than Canon M-series camera?

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Re: $200 phone camera resolves more detail than Canon M-series camera?

Phones have come a long way, but even without having to pixel-peep, I don't have to look at the exif to tell which is which from any of your posted comparisons. If you don't believe me, do some more comparisons and strip the exif before posting.

That said, SOOC JPEGs from the M6II aren't the best that the camera can do. The in-camera noise corrections have disappointed me just a little bit compared with what I can get out of PL4. I am not sure why you have chosen the settings that you have, but if you want to prove the competency of either camera, I think you've got to present each one with the best and most appropriate processing for the format. That is, without downscaling the phone images and with putting the Canon's raw files through a proper postprocessing program.

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