How are you using the Z50 for video with the screen flipped down?

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Re: How are you using the Z50 for video with the screen flipped down?

So I have the Smallrig Z50 plate, and I use it because it is the best available option to me, but that doesn't make it a GOOD option. Sigh.

Two significant issues I have with the plate:

1) you have to remove the plate to access the battery and memory card. This is a problem because video recording is an intensive use of the battery and so it is not unusual to have to unmount the camera from the tripod, remove the plate, replace the battery, and reinstall the plate and remount the camera. It gets old.

2) (This is a more aggravating gripe) When mounted and flipping down the screen fully, the red dot REC message is obscured by the plate and not visible. To confirm that the camera is actually recording the screen has to be pushed back a bit at an angle, which flips the image upside down.

Still using the plate is easier than the other option I have used, which is to connect a remote monitor to the camera via the HDMI port. This option makes the rig less portable and requires another set of rechargeable batteries to run the monitor (or a power brick and extension cord).


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