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AdaptedLenses wrote:

The same optosigma from the 28 will correct the 21 pretty well. If you want to improve them further have the hot mirror removed and get a clip in hot mirror from astronomik, better AWB performance than Kolari and the approx 1.8mm stack (vs 2.5mm stock) plays real nice with the optosigma. Below is a test with the 28. Also improves the 45 which suffers from a bit of field curvature on the stock Sony.

Also, this just poured a bunch more gas on my GAS... must find black G’s...

That's all very interesting. Where are these tests posted and who did them?
On the other hand it's also quite expensive and dangerous to my camera. It's a whole different thing to use a PCX filter that just needs to be screwed on a lens. 
Also I'm satisfied with the results now. Good enough for me.


AdaptedLenses wrote:

I had a set of black Contax G lenses a couple years ago, miss them more every day but the reality is their ergos are terrible. Outlook to size is great though.

I don't mind. I don't use the Gs for moving things or people. I use a manual adapter (K&F) which works fine. If you take your time (which isn't really any longer than with any other manual lens), they take breathtaking images (I also have the G45 and G90).
For a while I had been thinking about getting the G21 as well, but I believe that one is problematic on a Sony camera. Also I recently got the Loxia, which I think performs about as well as I would expect the G21 to perform if it didn't have corner problems on a Sony camera. So now there's no need to get it anymore.
I chose the OM Zuiko 50 over the G45, because it has more 3D pop. The Rollei Planar is faster than the G90, so that's why I chose that one, but both came to mind when I was thinking about which lenses are best.

backsidewalkaround wrote:

In my limited experience, below 20mm I think vintage glass is too expensive for what it offers. I rely on my Sony 4/16-35 (so no adapted prime lens here).
Also below 28mm I don't really have many lenses to choose from.
For 21mm I got the Loxia (so again, not part of the list of adapted lenses):
My list starts at 28mm:

Contax G Biogon 2.8/28 (plus front end filter)

Rollei Zeiss Distagon 1.4/35

OM Zuiko 2/50 Macro

Rollei Zeiss Planar 1.4/85
Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar 2/100 (if this is allowed)
above that: Contax VS 100-300 (no need for primes).

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