14/23 vs 16/27

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Re: 14/23 vs 16/27

JoshuaRothman wrote:

I'm right in the middle of a similar internal debate, except mine has a slightly different form: I'm selling several lenses I rarely use and will have enough trade-in cash to get either an X-E4/27mm kit or an X100V. I use an X-Pro3 now, and so this would be a smaller, pocket-size camera.

I had a similar debate & went with the X100V. I have an XT4 as well.

Obviously the cameras are quite different. I'll be trading off the X-E4's ILC flexibility (I'd use it with 27mm by default, but could conceivably change it up) against the X100V's superior shooting experience (OVF, ND, etc.). But for me the biggest mystery is focal length: 27mm or 23mm?

I'm selling my xe3 + 27mm, 18mm & 18-55 after using the X100V. It's a very useful focal length.

I shot with 23mm on an X100F for many years and loved it, but got tired of it. One of the lenses I'm selling is the 23mm f2, which despite its quality I've just never used, probably out of boredom with the focal length.

X100V has upgraded the lens & it's much better...you can get quite close with it and still get sharp pics even at f2.

On the other hand, I've never really figured out how to shoot with 27mm. I've recently been shooting with it all the time, to try to get the hang of it, and have finally started to get great pictures. This note from Jonas Rask really helped me:

The trait of the 27mm f/2.8R WR that I never understood before, is something that I really appreciate now. When you photograph at a distance you get a feeling close to that of a 35mm full frame FOV, but when you move in closer to do portraiture based photography the focal length acts more like a 50mm full frame FOV.

So I've started using it that way: when I'm far off, I think as though I'm using a 23mm; then, when I'm up close, I tell myself to compose with it as though I'm shooting my 35 f1.4. Remembering to flip this little mental switch has made my shots come out much better. I'm really getting to like the 27mm focal length. Still, starting tomorrow, I'm going to shoot with the 23mm for a week or so and see how it fits my eye..... I think that, ultimately, I'd like to have only one "compact" option, 23mm or 27mm, and it will be interesting to see where things end up.

That's a good way of looking at it but you can think of the 23mm (at least with the X100V) in the same way...except maybe for portraits you might not want to get too close, or use it in a bit more creative way.

You can always pair it with a longer focal length on your xpro3 too. It will be a good combo (23 +56) 😜

As for 14/16, they feel so different to me that I use both and can't see getting rid of either of them! I wouldn't take them out of the house at the same time. Often it depends on whether I anticipate taking close-up pictures of cool little details, in which case I'll take the 16 1.4.

I've never tried the 14mm...one day maybe lol. I love the 16 f1.4 but as I mentioned you can get quite close with the X100V too... and it's a lot more compact.

Good luck with your decision Josh.

PS: Get the desert Island camera 📸


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