Benro Polaris smart electric tripod head

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Re: Benro Polaris smart electric tripod head

Keeping a target centered via motorized declination axis is....tracking in the Dec axis, that's literally what it's doing. Same with a motorized RA axis, you are using a motor to keep an object centered to counter the rotation of earth, the same exact concept. A dual motor GEM tracks in BOTH axis, that is the whole point, one axis to counter earth's rotation, one axis to counter polar alignment inaccuracy, dual tracking.

The Polaris mount is an alt-az, one axis is motorized in the altizumuth and one axis is motorized in the Az axis, it's literally the same tech as any other alt-az mount, it rotates one in the X axis and one in the Y axis to get a target in the field of view, it just happens to have a third motor which allows for some more of de-rotation. If this mount tries to act as an equatorial mount by polar aligning with 2 of the motors it will be unable to center a target with the remaining 3rd motor, there's no way around that. The only solution is that it acts like an alt-az with gps and gyro, they aren't re-inventing the wheel here, there's only a few ways this stuff actually works.

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