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billzilla wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Unlike you, I liked GIMP from the beginning. It started up in about a second instead of 20. I find its menu organization more sensible. After v2.4 it crashed less than Photoshop CS2. GIMP is better for JPEG editing because it can preserve quality and chroma settings.

Biggest downside is no CMYK support, and no adjustment layers if you use them, which I don't.

I don't agree that it's better for JPEG editing but as I said, YMMV.

Maybe if you're comparing the latest GIMP to CS2, sure. It doesn't take 20 seconds to load on my system, at least. Certainly not an older one like CS6. I haven't had PS crash in about a year or more, honestly. Not an Adobe apologist, I just use what works. For the kind of work I do, there's no contest, unfortunately.

That's easy to believe. Photoshop is more polished.

But when you are editing a JPEG and exporting to the same pixel dimensions, it really helps to use the same JPEG quality and chroma settings, to minimize re-artifacting. Photoshop can't do that. It has no option for 2x1 chroma, frequently used in cameras.

If you are downsampling and exporting to a different file, it doesn't matter.

From JPEG FAQ #10:

It turns out that if you decompress and recompress an image at the same quality setting first used, relatively little further degradation occurs. This means that you can make local modifications to a JPEG image without material degradation of other areas of the image. (The areas you change will still degrade, however.) Counterintuitively, this works better the lower the quality setting. But you must use *exactly* the same setting, or all bets are off.

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